Why do businesses fail?

July 7, 2017 By: In: Business

What’s the No.1 reason businesses fail…?


They haven’t got their act together. The copy is saying one thing, the logo doesn’t match the brand personality, and they have no clue who their target market is.

Think about the recent Fyre Festival #Instafail. It was a great entertainment brand.

Then they branched out to a bespoke festival experience targeting wealthy Millennials, naming their influencers ‘Fyre Starters’ and promising a music festival unlike any other. And what happened?

Well, for one thing: the experience was far from consistent. Festival-goers were served lettuce leaves and bread instead of chef-inspired cuisine.

There were no eco-friendly yurts, but disaster-relief tents. What was PROMISED to what was DELIVERED was inconsistent and killed Fyre Festival.

And this is the same with what you’re saying to your customers, starting with your online presence.

Your copy needs to communicate what your brand does and its benefits so your target audience can understand what you do and HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM straight away.

Your tone of voice needs to be consistent across all channels so your busy clients know it’s you right away. All of this contributes to consistency. And a healthy bottom line. 😉

Fyre Festival needed to be rescued, and maybe your online presence needs a shake-up. Why not check out my ‘Send In The SWOT Team’ Audit? I have 2 left, and one of them has your name on it!

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